8 Weeks programming

Enjoy the journey!

Learn to build the so often neglected foundation while steadily progressing through increasing levels of difficulty.

Week 1 will introduce you to the Core Foundations which are needed in every exercise over the following weeks.

Weeks 2 and 3 are all about building strength without losing focus on bodyform and control

Week 4 introduces the Kipswing and challenges you to maintain your learned control while adding an extra dimension of movement.

Weeks 5-6 are traditionally the fan favorite. Movements such as kipping pullups, handstand pushups, butterfly pull ups, and so on…

Week 7 gives example training sessions to perfect high end skills such as muslceup or handstand, for example

Week 8 is the final testing week. With 4 different gymnastic workouts, offering totally different goals, testig your abillity.

(83,19€ + 19% MwSt.)


Taking a step back from time to time in order to asses your current ability and starting over from the basics will make your level of mastery so much more steady. Feel free to memorize the moment you started struggling within these 8 weeks and return back to it – building the foundations ist key.

What happens if i can´t keep up with the program?

Work through as far as you can. Take note of the exercises you couldn´t complete and return to them after a little more training. This 8 Week program is a compressed build up that can be stretched as long as needed individually.

Do i have to stick to the Trainingsessions/Days?

The Days are fixed to give you a routine. You do not have to stick to the prescribed days. In fact you can revisit past training days and catch up on them. Still to come trainingsessions will only be visible if they are scheduled in the current week.

What happens to my Plan access after the 8 Weeks?

You will have access to the past few sessions for a short while. The access will be completely shut off after a few days. If there are further questions regarding build up or exercises, feel free to contact peter @ peter@fitnessninja.de